3 Problems You Need to Solve Before You Buy New Marketing Technology

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Few people can be described as patient, although we marketers could be many things. We would like results, and we would like them. And when martech businesses come along assuring immediate responses to any or all our advertising challenges, we’re all ears. All of us need the quick fix, right?

Wish it were that simple. Listen, promoting technology is very good, and in the best conditions can make a significant change. By purchasing applications, but no business I know of paved their approach to advertising success just. And too frequently, we’re finding those same firms – especially in the B2B technology space where our company works – investing in martech in advance of, or in place of, getting some really essential problems addressed. Problems that, alas, require more work than writing a purchase order for new applications.

Here are 3 issues you must solve before investing in new advertising technology. They’re not readily solved without critical thinking and hard work. But in the event you address these problems, considerably larger dividends will be paid by ANY following investment in advertising technology.

1. Unsuccessful Lead Answer.

It’s alarming to see just how many businesses still rely solely on telemarketing to follow up on new leads. Also, in many situations those BDRs are regularly chartered with only identifying sales-ready leads (those prepared to participate together with the accounts team instantly) and then lose the remainder. The end result is gross inefficiency as well as a waste of demand generation dollars. A powerful lead reply procedure in the very top of the lead funnel – a procedure that unites telemarketing AND automated e-mail reply – can enhance conversion rates, and demand generation ROI, significantly.

2. Lousy Messaging.

It’s possible for you to throw all the technology on the planet at your intended market, and it’s all for naught in case your message doesn’t resonate with that crowd. How compelling is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Have you ever identified the particular concerns, and also crucial purchasing personas, pain points, and alternative gains for every one of these personas? Have you ever examined crucial selling points in A/B trend to learn which really resonates with goal buyers?

3. Lousy Content.

Content is hard work. But great content is the lifeblood of efficient demand generation. By “ content” that is good I mean advice of value that talks to challenges, difficulties, and your crowd’s pain and not content that just sings the praises of your merchandise. Great content starts dialogue and engagement. It produces leads from prospects feeling the pain which you can solve. It establishes credibility and transfers prospects along the sales cycle. Conversely, inferior content – content may damage your brand and with little worth – will neglect to start participation. And no amount of technology is likely to really make a difference.

Is there actual ROI to be had from investments in advertising technology? Definitely. But there more essential, and, dare I say: measures a business can take to boost return on advertising dollars, more low-cost. Solving these problems might not be fashionable or new or even simple, but they’re the building blocks to a successful and effectual demand generation engine.