Craigslist Sale Turned Deadly: Teen Girl Gets 40 Years For Killing Gamer Over Playstation 4

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Be cautious out there when purchasing or selling anything on Craigslist! There are a lot of instances where innocent people defrauded by posts on Craigslist or were robbed, yet this time the thieving turned fatal! Why really would someone homicide another man only for a video game console?

Back in 2014, the casualty Daniel Zeitz set his Playstation 4 upwards with a cost listing of $280 on the market on Craiglist. He got three offers, however he chose to sell it to her boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian, and Kayla Dixon.

On that fateful day, when Zeitz revealed the prospective buyers the games console, Vivian attempted to catch it. Zeitz put up a fight and Dixon shot him with a .25-caliber pistol. The bullet went through her boyfriend’s hand and hit Zeitz, killing him. A 16-month old baby was in the backseat during the scuffle.

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The couple made up a story about how he got robbed and took Zeitz to the hospital, however they finally came clean and were detained. 

Detective David Lapides testified back in 2014 saying There were numerous text messages between Vivian and Dixon discussing strategies to rob someone. They discussed getting the address. They needed to do it—come with the firearm [or] surprise him at him and get him when he came outside. Go in the flat. These messages went back and forth for some time.”

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As 18-year old Dixon was going to her first day of trial, she determined to take a plea deal for killing Zeitz and apologize. She was sentenced to 40 years behind bars. She read a prepared statement through tears saying I ‘d trade anything, practically anything, to bring Daniel back. But I understand I can’t. I understand he’d strategies. I wish I really could tell him I’m so sorry that this occurred, but I can’t.”

During the trial, Dixon’s attorney said that his youthful customer has explosive relationships, and a history of sexual abuse. She used to be an honor student, but lost out of school when she got pregnant at age 14. 

As for Vivian, he’ll face sentencing after this summer because of his part in the homicide.

See footage from the court, including Dixon’s apology as well as a statement from the victim’s parents in the video below: