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Doritos Super Bowl Advertisement Criticized by Abortion Activists [Video]

AUSTIN, TX – MARCH 14: A general feeling at Doritos Bold Stage at the 2013 SXSW Music, Movie + Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. (Picture : Michael Buckner/Getty Images for SXSW)

After their contentious advertisement debut during Super Bowl Doritos is under assault from abortion activists.

Some individuals say that Doritos might have gone too far with their Super Bowl advertisement. It revealed a young couple in a physician’s appointment for an ultrasound. The would be dad was seen standing beside his own wife during the process munching on a pack of Doritos. 

The Telegraph UK reports the firm is under attack by abortion activists because it revealed the girl giving birth prematurely. Some critics even known as the advertisement the “worst advertisement of the night.” According to News Australia, even though the advertisement received lots of audience criticisms, the guy behind generation seen the issue otherwise.

Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs, who was responsible for the Doritos “Ultrasound” advertisement, was thrilled to learn that his bit was seen by more than 62 million individuals. Although they did not win the Doritos Crash The Internet contest, they came in second place against victor “Doritos Dogs.”

“We didn’t triumph but 160 million people found it air. As well as on the USA Today advertisement meter (which ranks audience favourite advertising played during the Super Bowl) we rated number three. Paradoxically, we ranked above Doritos Dogs!” Carstairs said.

Although the contest wasn’t won by Castairs he did score some important focus. The filmmakers stated the team aimed to be screened during Super Bowl and they were able to reach that. Aside from the popularity, he was allowed assemblies with some top services in Los Angeles by the advertisement.

Carstairs shown his motivation behind the advertisement was one that was not impersonal. He remembered the closing ultrasound scan he had for his now 10-month-old son Freddie and that is what inspired the theory, Huffington Post Australia reported.

“I was interested in this collective idea that when you enter the ultrasound suite, mum is constantly very linked to the infant and going by means of this life-affirming minute while father, specially in Australia, is generally in the corner watching the footy or on his iPad — so that was the humour we needed to discover,” the filmmaker said.

Even though the Doritos “Ultrasound” advertisement faced plenty of criticism from their crowd, The Daily Signal site saw the wit behind it. They printed an article that said the commercial discards some light of what parents actually experience when they go through an ultrasound of the truth. Plus, the additional comedy does not mean any damage.