Honda S2000 Hybrid Successor? Celebrated Driver’s Car Reportedly Returns With Turbocharged 2.0 VTEC Hybrid Power Unit [UGH]

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#HondaS2000 #Car Honda S2000 Hybrid Vehicle Successor? Famous Motorist’s Auto Apparently Returns With Turbocharged 2.0 VTEC Hybrid Vehicle Power Unit [UGH] : If there was ever an auto to signify a bundle that had become more than a total of its parts, it’d be the Honda S2000. It may have simply been simply another $30k sports car from Honda.

When it arrived to the marketplace, but the roadster’s straightforward doctrine of a lightweight front-engine rear wheel drive stage along with an innovative 2.0-liter (later 2.2 liter) F20 high-revving naturally-aspirated engine generating 240HP has made the S2000 stand out. The truth is, driving enthusiasts were quick to call the Honda S2000 a modern classic from the very minute it arrived in 1999 in the marketplace.

Autocar reports that Honda is prepared to deliver a successor to take on the Mazda MX- Fiat 124 Spider and 5. It’s not clear just where Autocar got its source, but there’s been buzz around a sub-NSX sports car from Honda for quite some time.

As far as management and driving feel is concerned, benchmarking the newest ND Mazda MX-5 Miata isn’t a terrible spot to begin in the slightest. Based on Autocar, the following generation Honda S2000 will apparently hold accurate to a front mid-engine (mounted behind the front axle line) rear wheel drive sports car. As far as chassis dynamics is concerned, this is really bright.

Having said that, the new Mazda MX-5 Miata has a 2.0 liter engine making 155 hp, which barely holds a candle to the brilliant Honda K20 engine that managed to take out an additional 100 horses from the same displacement. In that respect, I definitely expect the rumored Honda S2000 successor will receive something more strong.

Details are restricted and everything is conjecture now, but it’s clear that Honda does not have any lack of engine options for its yet-to-be-validated next generation roadster. Clear choices contain the 365 HP 2.0 liter VTEC Turbo engine seen in the Civic Type-R, or a detuned version of the ring NSX.

Having said that, rumors of an S2000 replacement have been swirling since as early as May, when a mid-engine patent filing indicated that the Honda S2000 may take on a “mini-NSX” look and layout. At the time, AutoExpress indicated the new S2000 is anticipated to get a modified variation of the turbocharged 2.0 liter VTEC power unit from the Civic Type R as well as some sort of hybrid vehicle technology developed in conjunction with the McLaren Formula 1 team.

A hybridized Civic Type-R engine undoubtedly sounds the marketable, and most appealing, electricity unit to us. Having said that, only time will tell what Honda will determine to do. Stay tuned as we anticipate to find out more regarding the rumored Honda S2000 sucessor in the months ahead. Source: idigitaltimes