•  Photo: Carlos Chavez | Getty Images

Picture: Carlos Chavez | Getty Images

Photo: Carlos Chavez | Getty Images

Sir Richard Branson is no stranger to experience. His entrepreneurial enterprises comprise lots of exceptionally successful transfer lines, a record label, a comic strip and cartoon firm, a wellness bank, and much more. During his free time he’s the reverse of idle; Branson is sailor, skydiver and a proficient kitesurfer. For Branson, there’s consistently a world record

In the event that you do it right. – you will be a David versus a Goliath Sir Richard Branson

Needless to say, the most suspenseful of Branson’s experiences includes a dangerous flight across the Atlantic in a balloon. In an attempt to share his narrative, Branson has teamed up with Sundog Pictures and acclaimed director Daniel Gordon to make the documentary Don’t Look Down. The movie not only totally captures Branson’s encounter, but also summarizes how he’s used his “daredevil” side to his edge to be successful in the business community.