The Problem With Fast Weight Loss and Getting Rich Quick

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We all want it now – weight loss, better health, more energy – but why are we so impatient?


I’m no different – in fact I used to get insanely stressed out because my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be and my business wasn’t performing at a certain level.


I’ve found that the more drastic the measures I take and the more I stress to perform with my health, wealth, relationships, etc. that 2 things happen:


#1 The process of weight loss, building relationships or any kind of “success” is painful and unsustainable.


#2 Things come crashing down even faster and worse than they were before.


I’ve gained and lost weight several times, swinging up and down 20-40lbs….I’ve also driven myself over $30k in debt not once, but TWICE in 2 years and out as well.


The TRUTH is that things do take time.


Yes, you must “hustle” and work hard – but that’s only part of the equation.


You can lose weight or make money FAST – but you can also blow it and gain weight just as fast (if not faster).


So what’s the real “secret”?


The more we work on who we are, appreciate the process and find joy and peace in “doing the work” the better it serves us and those in our lives.


There’s nothing wrong with making a boatload of money or getting into the best shape of your life….


BUT if we fail to change our habits and mindset around a healthy lifestyle vs. fast weight loss, or financial intelligence vs. making money, then we’re doomed to be fat, broke, sad and unhappy.


If you struggle personally or financially it comes in a full circle and bleeds in to all areas of our lives.


So here’s what I’ve discovered to be foundational habits for success in most areas of life, including weight loss


#1 Enjoy the Process


If you make it painful in your mind and a “drag” you won’t want to do it. Should it be easy? No – but don’t be dramatic. You’ll have to CHANGE and that in itself is not easy. Find peace in the process and keep focused on WHY you’re doing it.


#2 Appreciate Your Progress


Look back at where you WERE. Yes, you’re not there yet – whatever your goal may be, but you’re on your way. We can easily beat ourselves up for not being there or getting ourselves overweight or in debt, but that doesn’t serve us going forward. Appreciate where you were 3, 6 and 12 months before and you’ll re-frame your thoughts and mind to serve you.


#3 Show Gratitude


What are you proud of? What are you grateful for? There’s something that you have to be thankful for, even if it’s just a roof over your head or the fact that you’re alive. We can get down about being overweight and fall into self pity, but that serves no one including ourselves. Find something to be greatful for.


#4 Take on a mentor


We all need someone to lead us. Going it alone is an option, but there’s a reason why we invest in others to educate us, certification coruses, etc. – the commitment, follow through, etc. is invaluable and having someone lead us, kick us in the ass when we need it and push us when we’re down on ourselves will set us up for success.


#5 Create or find your community


Surround yourself with unhealthy people and their habits will rub off on you. Surround yourself with people that spend frivolously and blow their money, then you’ll pick up on the habits too. Put yourself in an environment that will push you upwards and you’ll perform at a higher level naturally.


#6 Serve Others


when we hold others accountable to being more, it reinforces us to maintain the habits we preach and raise our own standards. I learn SO much from coaching others about myself that you wouldn’t believe. We have most answers inside ourselves and the truth and self-honesty comes out even more when we hold others accountable to the same actions as ourselves.


Use this to take the next step in whatever you want to achieve with your health, finances, etc. – this DOES work friends


With love & Honesty,


Coach John