6 Foods for Better Mood and Health

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Celebrity nutritionist and consultant Cynthia Sass, for instant happiness recommended six foods that studies have shown that can really help.

Research has shown that the benefits of fruits and vegetables can be happiness and more energy and that this effect may last even a day after eating. Sas recommended daily consummation and advises to plan your meals so that the first thing you choose is fruits and vegetables, and the rest of the ingredients you can customize.

Morning coffee brings energy, kindness and pleasure, and we drink it with friends because it brings a sense of affection and makes us nicer.

A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine has proven that women who drank two to three cups of coffee are 15 percent less likely to suffer from depression than those who drank one cup or less per day.

A recent Dutch study, which was attended by 20 volunteers, (Some of them were given probiotic supplements for four weeks, and others were given placebo) showed that the negative thoughts and concerns were significantly reduced in the first group.

Sas explains that the type and amount of bacteria in the digestive tract can affect mood.

At the University of Ontario scientists replaced the intestinal bacteria in the mice. Fearless mouse suddenly became nervous and fearful and more and more active. Aggressive mouse finally calmed down when it started to get healthier food. All this means that the bacteria in the intestines can literally manipulate our brains because fermented food is rich in probiotics.

The antioxidants in dark chocolate relax blood vessels which reduce the pressure and improve circulation. It is also rich in magnesium, a mineral that eases PMS symptoms, including fatigue, depression and irritability, and best of all, it creates a sense of euphoria similar to the feeling of being in love.

They are rich in selenium, and its deficiency in the body is associated with feelings of exhaustion, anxiety and an increased risk of depression diseases. Mushrooms are also the only food of plant origin that contains vitamin D, and its deficiency is among other things responsible for seasonal mood disorder.

Vitamin D improves mood, and mushrooms are a versatile food that can be easily combined with omelets, salads, sauces etc.

A Japanese study conducted on 40,000 respondents showed that people who had been drinking five or more cups of green tea on a daily basis have had up to 20 percent lower stress level than those who drank one cup or less per day. The effect is the same, regardless of sex, age, disease history, weight, diet or smoking… Sas advised that the leaves of green tea can be added to soup, sauces or marinades, if you do not like to drink tea that much.