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For those of you who think they have packed their bikinis or wedding suits and are ready to jet set and go, they may be very wrong.These days your holiday begins from the moment you step out of your door for the holiday.There is a very new style of getting noticed and your style quo to be measured on the basis of what your were wearing to the airport and in flight.Yes, the airport style.You cannot really be out in your trackies now.Times have changed.lol

Eva Longoria Airport Style

Be it bollywood or hollywood celeb are not letting one moment go waste for their style to be noticed.Airport fashion is very confortable . Instead of heels and makeup-easy glamour is the key here.

What can these celebs do their job is always packing their bags to trips galore.:)

You need to look fresh,well travelled and well prepared.Minimum make up,needs of the flight in mind and easy changeover are the keys.


First and foremost, considering you need to stay well insulated in the flight every celeb is seen carrying or wearing a trench coat,leather jacket or denim jacket.A jacket is the key to staying warm and cosy for the flight and being prepared. I actually was once complimented by an airhostess when she fell short of blankets on our way to chiacgo by an American Airlines flight and I was already wearing a sweater, I offered my coat to an old lady.Not only that made her comfortable but I couldn’t help but smile at being able to help someone.

victoria beckham
Celebs like victoria beckham are famous for never having a hair out of place.7 inch luboutins and huge sunnies are her staple.

Sunglasses:As most celeb prefer not to or wear very light eye make up due to travel and they like to take some time off their reel self most of them are spotted wearing glasses which hide most part of their eyes and undereyes.

Huge Dior glossy sunglasses or Rayban aviators the celebs are out there rocking it all.


Not one ,mind you, not one ceelbrity is seen without these.

For those of you who are not a fan of flip flops this is good news.The dedicated jet setters send a message wide across flip flops and sandals are a no no for flying.Most of them are seen cozying themselves up in pairs of uggs or boots or other kinds of shoes.

Hells aren’t seen a mile away.But yes, a few of our celebs who are a pro at casual dressing won’t leave their sandlas at home.I adore Cameron Diaz for keping it so street and airport chick at the same time.

All of us want to arrive at the destination looking calm and collected and not shabby .Especially, as far as the celebs go they do need their extra mile of style.

For the clothes the key holds in layering.Those who have business to do immediately after flying go for dark colours in black,navy etc.layering and plain tops or send across message tees is the way to go.


As far as the bottom go we all yell jeans.oO for those who try to keep it a little extra comfortable, a pair of tights in basic colors of blacks,browns.beiges,cremes and whites.

I would not be lying if I say celebs almost sleep with their handbags.lol


A celeb without a designer handbag isn’t a celeb enough.Wherever we go in the form of luggage you seen them spotting their great expensive Louis Luittons,Longchamp, Gucci, Lulu Guinness, Topshop and Jimmy Choo, and for sure they got to carry their very dear handbag for their necessities .Huge bags with huge amount of spaces are most seen. We give an extra pointer to those carrying a scarf and those hats to make an extra effort for the paprazzi.

And those personalised louis are something to watch out for oh la la!


So summing it all up it is all about comfort but mind you, you are not spared because you aren’t meant to be being a celebrity. 😀

8 Ways to Sport a Celebrity Airport Style

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