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Argus, Cartrawler Eastcoast car rental SCAM


05 September 2012, 15:17

I made the car rental reservation via (first time), when I made the inquiry, it says all charges all included on the rental fee.

Cartrawler team responded my booking and east coast car rental Melbourne, Australia was the rental company.

The reason I made the booking via argus because the price was good, BUT THE TRUTH happened when I was about to picked up the car, the agent asked me for $21/day on top of the rental fee (which already prepaid with my credit card), for to reduce excess fee or she will hold $3000 on my credit card.

when the booking made via internet on, it was never explained that the customer s credit card will be HOLD for the AMOUNT of $3000.

if they have explained it in the beginning about holding $3000 on the credit card, I definitely will not confirmed the booking.

I did not want to pay extra because the voucher says all charges are already included (no hidden charges or says about $3000 deposit).

The agent of east coast car rental insisted this is not their vault and blamed argus or cartrawler, i called argus team and wanted to cancel this booking on the same day, due to $3000 deposit was never explained, and the agent said that 3 day rental charges will occured because cancelling last minute.

I finally went back to the airport and spoke to europcar and budget (major car rental), and just found out that actually the premium fee for reducing excess damage fee (charges varies each company) is just an optional and they DO NOT HOLD $3000 excess fee on the credit card.

They (BUDGET AND EURPCAR) just hold the rental charges on my credit card and I only have to pay $3000 in case an accident happens. I finally chose one of those major car rental.

When I tried to made complaint via, and, it kept responding error on the internal server.

anyone with this experience, please share info on how to stop credit card payment for those 3days charges? thank you.