Planet Mars News: Three Tall Structures Found On Mars; Alien Enthusiasts Claim Proofs From NASA Images Of Ancient Allien Civilization In Mars : Space : Science World Report

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The eagle-eyes and tireless dedication of alien enthusiasts have found proof of an ancient civilization in Mars from images taken from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions. In the alleged images from NASA, three tall structures approximately a mile high are said to be proof of an alien life on the Red Planet. Was there really an ancient alien civilization on Mars and are these structures the only ones left of them or are they still lurking in Mars?

There is a row of three tall structures a mile high each and equally spaced from each on the Terra Meridiani region of Mars. This is the claim of Spanish alien enthusiast and YouTube user Mundodesconocido. He was scouring the thousands of images from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions when he spotted these bizarre tall towers on the surface of the Red Planet.

Mundodesconocido claims that the tall structures cannot be large rocks formed from the weathering process or natural erosion. The tall structures, which look like huge towers a la The Tower Of Sauron in Lord Of The Rings, are seen to have similar formations with the same alignment. This led him to believe that these structures are formed artificially by an ancient civilization on Mars. He even made a 3D modeling of the structures on Mars based on the images.

Mundodesconocido’s claims were backed up by well-known UFO enthusiast Scott Waring. Writing in his popular blog, UFOSightingsDaily, Scott Waring echoes what the Spanish alien enthusiast claims and even adds that there are a lot more structures and artifacts to be found on the Red Planet. Scott Waring even adds that the three tower structures could still be an ideal base camp for the Mars Exploration team. “If they are empty, of course,” half seriously adds Waring.

What do others people think? Was there really an ancient civilization on Mars wiped out by the planet’s harsh weather and climate? Or like Scott Waring think, are there still alien life forms on Mars that even the humans’ most technologically advanced satellites cannot detect? Or is this another proof of NASA covering up the existence of aliens on Mars?