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Beware! HTC 11 has almost crushed the traffic on the Internet with more than 6.5 Million searches since the rumors of its release surfaced. The HTC 10 Specs or Specifications are mind-blowing and if the reports are true, it will compete with other high-end smartphones like a master.

HTC 11 release date rumors spread like fire when it estimation came up regarding HTC’s Launch Strategy as per which HTC launches new smartphones after a 12-month cycle which makes March 2017 the time when HTC will make its move and checkmate other competitors. HTC 11 Price rumors surfaced along as per which anticipation are that the high-end smartphone would cost somewhere between £549 and £599 i.e. $582 and $635 – $691.

HTC 11 Specs are full power packed with the latest in its series, Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC coupled with 8GB RAM that will give the handset immense processing speed, however, some sources suggest that RAM would be confined to 4GB or 6GB. The PCAdvisor states that the high-end smartphone could have an upgraded version of 12MP rear camera which will installed in HTC 10 and which failed to impress due to lack of consistency.

HTC is one of only a few brands that roll out a beautiful beast than just to concentrate on its components. HTC 11 Design would be great as well. The speaker mounts on the front panel of HTC 10 to handle low and high frequencies which make the design unique. However, problems with the speakers mounted on HTC 10 appeared some after people began using it. The HTC 11 might include BoomSound Stereo Speakers. Nowadays when high-end smartphones are water and dust proof, HTC 10 came up with no protection against dust or other agents. It would be better to have the HTC 11 with IP67 or IP68 protection to avoid water from penetrating and damaging the inner components.

The Trusted Reviews quoted the HTC 11 might receive Phone of the Year in 2017 with its impeccable line of features. Series of leaks led to the conclusion that HTC 11 will have a 5.5″QHD Display along with Adreno 540 GPU and 256GB Internal Memory. The HTC 11 will get its power from a massive 3,700 mAh battery which could be removable or non-removable. In a bid to compete with Apple and Samsung, the HTC 11 might be unveiled with a bezel-less end-to-end display, however, no concrete confirmation is available as of now.

The HTC 11 will have a plethora of features that are yet to reveal. As per sources, the high-end smartphone might appear in front of masses during Mobile World Congress 2017. Stay Tuned, Stay Updated.