A Guide To Comfortable Fashion While Travelling

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One of the main criteria for selecting clothes for travel is comfort. Yes, they should look stylish. Yes, they shouldn’t be boring. Yes they should be comfortable! Here are some comfortable and fashionable tips for those not so comfortable flights and buses.

1.  Layer your clothes: This is perhaps the most widely touted look for travel. And for good reasons! You can layer tank tops, jackets, stoles, skirts, leggings, warmers, socks and just about anything to create a sophisticated look. The comfort lies in the fact that you can add or minus elements as per the temperature of your surroundings. If you have removed your jacket, you can make pillows out of them to rest your head or back. Your stole can be used as a sheet. So many options!  This also scores bonus points because the more layers on your body, the less in your luggage.

2. Choose airy fabrics:  You can still hold on to the high fashion cuts and styles you want by just making sure the fabrics used are breathable. This ensures that air and sweat don’t get trapped. Cottons and linens are your best bet for this. Soft and loose tees will keep you comfortable.

3. Wear flat footwear:  Though flip flops are the best option, they are not really fashionable during travel. Spare your feet from heels considering how much you have to move in and out of terminals and stations. Ballets, strappy sandals, loafers and sneakers are the best options. Never wear new footwear on a trip. And no crocs please!

4. Wear stretchy fabrics or loose clothes:  Though everyone is attracted to denim, jeans are not really the best option for long journeys. You need to be inside clothes that help you stretch your body. The crammed spaces already confine you. You don’t want your clothes to do that too. Leggings, jeggings, harems and palazzos are very good options. No pajamas please!

5. Carry a big non-rigid tote bag:  Carry a big tote bag that is not rigid to carry all your essentials – gadgets, snacks, water, books, documents, neck pillow, and tea bags. Use bags made of fabrics or soft leather or jute that cling onto your body. Rigid bags may not stay onto your arms or shoulders easily forcing you to position them properly every now and then.

6. Avoid whites:  You are going to drag luggage, rest on walls, stand across counters and eat and drink a lot. Even a small speck of stain will easily show up on whites and make it look unflattering. Any light colored shade should be avoided for that matter.

7. Avoid underwire bra and pricky jewellery:  Both are going to poke and you will be fiddling with them every now and then, making for a very uncomfortable journey. Wear comfortable undergarments and smooth rounded jewellery.

A Guide To Comfortable Fashion While Travelling

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